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Video Work

Here’s some of the work I’ve done over the years. I’ve directed 2 shoots, shot others, and did a little bit of animation.



After the death of their child, a couple processes their loss in different ways.
Special thanks to Allana G. and Malcom C. for helping to bring this vision to life!
Both are from the Nine9 Talent Agency.
I’d also like to thank James Scheffert and Justin Ruiz for their help with the story.



This was my most difficult shoot logistically in my career so far.   To make a long story shorter I ended up reaching out to a friend, that knew a freelancer, who could come and shoot since I was unable to do so that day due to work constraints. I made lots of phone calls and cashed in some favors that week.  It turned out alright!  Special thanks to Jay Pham for stepping up to the plate!



This is where I work. One of my bosses (I have 3 of them) wanted a video showing his colleagues what the Audio-Visual Support Center (AVSC) does. They loved it!



A while ago I was messing around in Autodesk Maya, which was around the time when Mission Impossible 3 came out. This was my attempt at an action scene. Not bad?


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