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Race Cars, Indy Cars, and a Hot-Rod…

Here are a few photos of cars I’ve taken at work, and a video as well!

This Indy car was installed during the 2015 Christmas Tree Exhibit.  I’m quite happy with the quality of these photos.  The cars are so black and glossy that I wondered if they were too dark; I’m surprised they came out this well.



This NASCAR is permanently installed in one of the buildings.   There’s also really old gas pumps and a table made out of an engine block.



Occasionally I might see a pretty car in the garage…



In the first week of March 2017, a new gas station opened near work and they had this NASCAR there as well.



In Janurary 2017 there was a Red Bull Racing Day, where the Indy team came to our workplace and even drove the car around (at 50mph); here are some pictures and a highlight video I cut together of that day.



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