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Retirement Video Design

To make a long story shorter, one of my boss’s bosses (there are many levels in this corporation) was retiring and he asked me to help make a going-away video.  I can’t share that video because I don’t have media release forms for everyone involved (sorry folks).  What I can share is the shots I developed for the introduction.

As you can see I went through several iterations until I picked lucky Number 4, the featured image of this post. The others didn’t quite look right.

Number 5 doesn’t have the book at all so it looks sparse. Number 3 doesn’t have the book’s title, which I wanted to see on screen (Death By Meeting in a retirement video; how ironic is that?). Numbers 1, 2, and 4 I deliberated over until I picked #4 which shows the full title.

From what I heard the video was a sucess.

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